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Expressive Arts


Our Arts program is dynamic and vibrant at its core, and is an expression and reflection of God’s creativity. The biblical worldview training in the study of Art relates to both history, and philosophical thought throughout the ages.

At Pacific Coast Christian Prep, we are committed to the pursuit of Expressive Arts from a Biblical worldview. We believe the arts are a beautiful gift from our creative God, and as such, creativity should be nurtured and encouraged. Our desire is that students are equipped at PCCP to take their creative gifts and use those in their lives, churches, careers, and families.

Students at PCCP have the opportunity to pursue Visual Arts, Music, and Theater. These classes are active - engaging students in the art. The Visual Arts will help develop students’ skill, encouraging them to create using a variety of mediums. In Music, students will learn basic music theory and have the opportunity to develop both vocal and instrumental skills. In Theater, students will learn how to perform, and they will be given opportunities to practice what they learn through chapel dramas, one-act plays, competitions, and a full-length musical.

Below is a list of this year's Arts Department events:

  • Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine on November 1, 2018
  • Annie on March 21 and 22, 2019 - Playbill Online Program
  • Coffee House Talent Showcase on May 9, 2019