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What is an Independent School?


Pacific Coast Christian Prep operates as an independent school. Below are some definitions and characteristics that help to explain what sets independent private education apart from other educational options.

  • Finances: Functioning as an independent private school means that we do not receive any funding from the federal, state or local government, and although our school is firmly established in Biblical principles, we are not affiliated with, nor receive financial support from a particular denomination.

  • Governance: Unlike public institutions that are governed by a public school board, PCCPrep’s primary leadership is held by a President who works in close partnership with the Board of Directors which speak to every area of our school ensuring our pursuit of excellence in all. PCCPrep employs an entrepreneurial and performance based model of leadership and governance. In PCCPrep’s model, a President holds the primary leadership position and calls on educational, athletic and co-curricular experts to lead and direct in specific areas of PCCPrep’s educational model in order to maintain an overall vision for excellence and quality across all facets. Through this model of leadership, PCCPrep captures the best practices of business and education to truly make a focused and sound operating institution.

  • Engaged Parents: At PCCPrep we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and it is our aim to partner with them in that effort. To that end our parent community is active in the life of our school, helping to foster alignment between home and school in the educational pursuits of the student.