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Parent Testimonials


It is rare that a school comes along that is the perfect combination of academic excellence and an unapologetic pursuit of God and his Kingdom. PCCP is just the type of Christian school that many of us have been looking for! I know from personal experience that Dr. Richard Andujo is a visionary educational leader who loves to impact young lives toward academic excellence while they pursue God. He has spoken into my own kids’ lives and has been instrumental in developing them truly as whole people: mind, body and spirit. I have trusted Dr. Richard and Mrs. Gail Andujo for the past 5 years in successfully preparing my kids for college and their future careers.

Dr. Jeff Sullivan (PLNU Professor)

We are parents who have had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing Richard and Gail Andujo’s work over eight years and in two different schools. We can, with great conviction, say that the Andujo’s are without a doubt the reason for the great success at each of those schools. They hold themselves and everything they do to a very high standard of excellence, and they are committed to that high standard of excellence for the schools they have run. Their infectious attitude permeates throughout the entire faculty, staff and school. This standard of excellence is what immediately stands out from the minute we first met them during our search for our children’s school. They know the recipe for success in a school and with children in general and they implement their vision of excellence throughout their staff.

What comes out over time and becomes extremely apparent is how much they care for every child in the school. Part of this is manifested through their standard of excellence and their desire to see huge success in every child, but they also demonstrate the love of Christ and compassion for families and individuals, giving the school a family atmosphere. Richard and Gail Andujo LOVE what they do and they are incredibly gifted at it. They are continually educating themselves in order to give the very best of themselves to every family in their school. There is no doubt in my mind that any school that includes Richard and Gail Andujo will be wildly successful.

Major Kurt (Retired Marine) and Annie Spackman (Business Entrepreneurship)

We have found the exceptional leadership provided by Dr. Andujo to be the driving force behind the academic excellence in our sons' education over the last several years. It is one thing to have a school with a solid sense of biblical values, but quite another to find one that also comes with an outstanding educational foundation. Dr. and Mrs. Andujo have an incredible ability to foster the spiritual growth of our children as well as provide superior education to grow the minds of tomorrow's leaders.

Dr. Andujo not only has a passion for unparalleled academics, but also has a heart for our children. He holds very high professional standards as a school administrator, and also creates time to connect on a personal level - both with children and families. Whether serving in the parking lot during a rainstorm, playing football with kids during lunch, or chatting with parents after school, his investment in us has been clear and consistent. Well-liked and highly-repsected, Dr. Andujo is a proven leader with a vision for our children's future. We count ourselves blessed to have a school like this in our community. Go, Panthers!

Kathleen Robinson Sperling (PCCP Parent)

We are thrilled to see Pacific Coast Christian Prep open in the Eastlake community of Chula Vista. We have experienced Dr. Andujo’s gifts and talents firsthand. We moved to San Diego with the military a few years ago. Dr. Andujo made us feel welcome and part of a family right away. His professionalism and expert leadership have provided an excellent education for our family. We have appreciated his visible and accessible presence, his humble servant leadership, and his desire for academic success at every level. We can’t wait to see how God is going to bless Pacific Coast Christian Prep and all who attend!

Dr. Thomas (Navy Physician) and Jennifer Weissinger Thomas (Navy Nurse)

As parents, we are excited to hear that Richard and Gail are opening their own school. We have previously experienced Dr. Andujo's leadership at previous schools. Their teaching philosophy reflects by the great faculty and staff that has surrounded them throughout their administrative leadership. I will be enrolling my son at Pacific Coast with full confidence that my son will be brought up in an environment enriched with love and respect towards God, and will develop his talents to become a faithful servant.

Cynthia Nitsch (USD Professor)

Highly recommend and respect the strong Godly leadership team that Pacific Coast has put together. Strongly confident that this is and will continue to be a top-tier school on the west coast! Excited to see this school thrive academically and in athletics!

Jesse Stolebarger (Former Student)

This school will be tops in Chula Vista! Dr. Andujo is an administrator like no other. The need for a college prep school in Eastlake has finally been answered. PCCP!

Rick Handloser (Pastor at Westside Church)

Dr. Andujo and Gail will be part of something new and innovative in the South Bay. They will create a school environment that requires a high level of academic excellence. Our experience with them is that they will be visionary and caring administrators. Students and parents at Pacific Coast Christian Prep are in excellent hands with the Andujo’s at the helm. Best wishes for a successful school year to come!

Jaime (UCSD Admissions Officer) and Irma Velasco (Educator)

It's hard to find people who love what they do, and do what they love. Mr. and Mrs. Andujo love what they do and love those around them. I highly recommend this school to anyone!

Louie Pendley (Former Student)